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Our store is for sale!

The Wild Unknown is more than a name, it is a practice. Stepping from the certainty of the known to the potential of the unknown is a difficult and necessary step in the path of transformation. We at The Wild Unknown practice what we preach.

We are selling our Portland retail location. This is a turn-key experiential metaphysical shop in the booming NE Alberta Arts retail district of Portland OR. The average monthly sales are 22k, walk in traffic is huge. This is a sale of the concept, design and experience of a modern metaphysical shop, this is not a sale of our brand. You will be negotiating a new lease with the landlord who is aware of the sale of the business. Expected rent is around 3k a month for the 1500 sqft retail space. Transfer of ownership could start as early as April 1, 2018. The store was designed to be an intersection between contemporary art, reverence, and radical self-transformation. This is a fully realized unique and profitable business, with the right products, in the right location, at the right time.

Why are we selling? In August 2017, Kim Krans stepped down as creative director of The Wild Unknown to pursue her career as an artist and author. Arjan Miranda, Kim’s partner since day one of TWU, stepped in to run the company but after much deliberation has decided he must return to his true passion of making music. The Wild Unknown will continue on but we have decided to only focus on reselling our core products online, the beloved Tarot & Animal Spirit decks. We will be launching a new website March 27th with all other products removed.

We are calling on you to take a step into the unknown and help this amazing retail experience we have created continue on. This store is a beam of light and we are ready to let it go into the arms of a kindred spirit.

With love,
Arjan & Kim

For more information email:

Additional digital package also available including current ecommerce theme, marketing assets, product photography & copy. Our current studio is also for lease, it is a 3000 sqft ballroom perfect for yoga studio, event space, warehouse, or office with a shared door to retail space. 

Our flagship store and event space in Portland, Oregon is designed to foster all the things TWU cares about most: community, reflection, and meaningful connection. Sign up for a tarot reading in our mirrored tarot house, sit at our shrine, attend an event, or browse our in-store exclusives. We’ve stocked our shop with The Wild Unknown goods, long-trusted tools for self-reflection (many of which you won’t find online), and books, records, crystals, and tarot decks to inspire you along the way. We can’t wait to welcome you to The Wild Unknown. 


The Wild Unknown is located at:
1829 NE Alberta St., Ste. C
(entrance is on NE 19th Ave)
Portland, OR 97211
(503) 593-5556
Wed - Mon 11am - 6pm