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Believe in the great sound -Kabir

Music has long been a cornerstone of The Wild Unknown universe. Lyrics from our favorite poet musicians graced our first hand drawn calendars, and during the making of the Tarot Deck Kim & Arjan toured across country with Family Band. Bringing our reverence for music to the foreground we now introduce to you...The Wild Unknown Records.

TWU Records releases one limited edition record on the solstice and equinox to honor the changing of the seasons and our steady spinning of the sun. 

“I’ve been digging through crates of vinyl since I was a teenager, obsessed with exploring the esoteric records left by dreamers from the past. Music has been there for all my changes. With TWU Records, I aim to bring you honesty. To place musicians in a space to unfold, to show themselves, and to grow. I am on a mission to contribute good to the world, to be a part, however small, of creation. In times of darkness the light you seek is within. May this music be a soundtrack to your own awakening.”
- Arjan Miranda