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That's right, we are selling our flagship store in Portland OR,
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So many new things, crystals, books, decks, ritual objects and they are all on sale!





Pre-Orders now open for
The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Keepsake box-set!

Here’s the thing, read between the lines and our message is pretty straightforward. It goes something like this “change yourself and you change the world”. It seems pretty clear from the amazing stories we receive daily that you are on the same page.

Big things are on the horizon and we need your help. We have  launched pre-orders for a new addition called The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Keepsake Box set in partnership with HarperElixer, and we want our message to travel. This is where you come in. If you would be so kind as to purchase a pre-order of the new box set for yourself or a friend we would be ever so grateful. This a crucial moment because.....if we sell enough pre-orders we have a shot at getting on the New York Times best seller list. Which means more people learning about us. Which means more people learning about themselves. Which means more people trying to raise the bar of global consciousness!

On the surface these decks are beautiful, fun, and cool. But we all know they are really tools for radical self inquiry and meaningful discourse with friends, family and strangers. 

We are ever so grateful for The Wild Unknown community!

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